The Patron Saint of Al Dente?

Oh man, we came across an amazing documentary recently: Beauty is Embarrassing, telling the story of artist, Wayne White. As you’ll see, Mr. White is our kind of people. 

White spent his life bouncing off the walls of his own creative impulses, as a painter, sculptor, cartoonist, puppeteer, set designer, art director, animator, and illustrator. He made a name for himself in his twenties as the set and puppet designer for Pee Wee’s Playhouse. And while he didn’t really know what he was doing, his humor and creative recklessness led to show that was innovative, influential, and just a lot of fun. 

Today, after a career as winding and frenetic as his sets, White’s redefined himself as a fine artist, defiantly injecting humor into a landscape that could really use it. 

Put simply, Wayne White is our kind of guy. Driven by his own creative impulses. Fearless in the face of convention. And at all times just trying to celebrate the joy of life.  

We’re all just crazy pumped.