Back in the Saddle!

This is what writing a musical looks like

This is what writing a musical looks like

Man oh man. Remember how almost an entire year ago we started this strange and wonderful project with our very first blog post?

I’m excited to say that it’s time for number two!

After batting back many ideas and pushing back even more deadlines, Dan, Paul and I are all committed again to creating the story of Al Dente in a big way.

So far, we’ve taken one pass through the entire story with a general feeling (more than a feeling, at times) of how it’s all gonna go. Now we’re starting from the beginning again and running through the whole thing with more resolution. Whereas the goal last time around was to figure out if there was actually a story to be told (“Wait! Condiments can be villains!! YES!!”), this time around it’s all about:

  1. how we’re transitioning into each scene
  2. what exactly needs to happen in each scene
  3. how we’re transitioning out of each scene

Bullet pointing at it’s finest. The goal is to create a full outline of the entire show, because that’s when the magic happens: writing the script, writing music, thinking about puppets and props, sets, locations, actors… all the juicy stuff.

But not yet. Because we don’t have a story yet.

So cross your fingers and stay tuned… because it’s on this time. Seriously. It’s on.