Some Very Sketchy Puppets

We've officially started designing puppets! They might not be the most polished renderings, but Al, Peach, Salt & Pepper, Sage, and the Spice Girls are all starting to take shape.

And though we're just a few days in, some thought provoking questions have begun to emerge: 

  • How do you make the puppet version of a McCormick cayenne pepper shaker sexy? 
  • What's the best way to control a puppet's eyelids?
  • How big must the blast of a glitter canon be to look completely bad ass on stage?
  • How many hands does it take to operate the mouth of a gigantic peach?
  • What would it take to get confetti to stream steadily from the mouth of a puppet for 3-5 minutes straight?
  • What puppet materials are both flexible, waterproof, and soft?
  • If asked, would the average grown man put on a sequin dress in a room of strangers?

Got any leads? Let us know in the comment!