Wake Up And Smell the Cross-Country Collaboration

You may be wondering: what happens to the show when the Al Dente team is separated by 500 miles of frozen American heartland? Does it still go on? Can it even?

My friend, the show must go on!

That's why we're thrilled to be writing you bright and early this Tuesday morning, deep in the throes of our first ever Al Breakfast. Paul and I are holding it down in NYC, using the power of modern technology to carry a real-time conversation with Dan, who's currently repping The Motor City and repping it hard.

You may also be wondering: what happens at an Al Breakfast? Here's what I'll tell you: over the upcoming months the three of us will be turning the slow drip of our secret sauce into a steady pour. For now, know this:

  1. Mid conversation, Paul slowly and steadily opened an off-brand Nature Valley breakfast bar. 
  2. As he enjoyed several bites of the treat, he unknowingly made quite a little mess of crumbs on the floor of The Future Project office.
  3. Feeling the full weight of his transgression, he solemnly walked to the closet, grabbed a broom, and cleaned up every little last crumb.

It may not seem like much, but Paul's refusal to cut corners (even after nibbling a couple) reflects the same pride and commitment to detail we all bring to this project each and every day. I'm so glad you're along for the ride.